Navigation skills

Introductory sessions will start in a warm cafe, chatting through maps, what you already know and what you hope to learn. Once outside we will learn some basic skills including setting the map, working out distance and times, confidently walking short sections, grid references and lots of other key skills. Groups will be no more than 6 people to ensure you get plenty of hands on experience and the chance to ask questions. CONTACT US for availability or to register you interest now.

Intro to Navigation (Low Level) 1 day £50 pp
Intro to Navigation (Low Level) 2 x half days£50 pp
Intro to Navigation (Low Level) 3 x 2.5 hours£55 pp

We will also offer Intermediate, Advanced and Night/Poor weather navigation classes, as well as a Beginners day out in the higher fells. These can be arranged for groups or individuals on a bespoke basis and public courses will be advertised when available.

Bespoke Navigation DayFrom £120
Intermediate/Advanced courses£50 pp

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